About Us

In 2008 Regional Destination Management was formed in response to a request by a senior industry executive at American eagle Airline to reduce escalating complaints in his airlines baggage department. At the time this area comprised one of the highest customer complaints and dissatisfaction in the company’s history. Our commitment to excellence paid of and a short time later we were invited to look at managing the crew transfer cancelled flights and distress passengers situations for the same airline.

Our initial effort in this regard was also stellar and we were invited to look at the industry’s struggling wheel chair image crippled by constant customer complaints resulting in hefty fines for stakeholders and provide alternative for the major carriers.

Consequently Regional Destination Management was founded on service-driven principles with emphasis on developing an efficient and complete line of products in Customer Service, Concierge Service, Ground Transportation, Disabled Passenger Services, Island Tours, Wedding Parties, etc.

Our distinguished and exceptional clients included most of the major carriers. Our crew transfer operation for American Eagle Airline accumulated with a zero late pick-up record, and became a model for our delivery of cost efficient and timely service.


Our courteous and friendly staff is easily identifiable with Regional Destination Management’s uniform bearing the company logo. They have been given the highest level of security, safety and professional training based on the company’s founder years of direct involvement in the industry, and his participation in countless IATA and TSA standard programs and training exercises.


This forms the basis for our company’s platform on effectiveness and efficiency. All staff carries complete Island wide radio communication and a member of the team has a back up mobile phone. All vehicles are equipped similar island wide radio service for quick dispatching and with back up mobile telephone communication systems. This will enable prompt, efficient and continuous communication between the individual employees and the dispatch center.


Currently our office is conveniently located in the US Pre-clearance terminal across the floor from all of the US based carriers. This allows us to easily liaise with our primary clients.

We look forward to a bright future and consistent growth as our goals and objectives are met.



Regional Destination Management (RDM) is committed to delivering the highest customer service standards in the ground transportation and hospitality industry. It is RDM’s mission to be unique, to be a quality driven organization, to be a leader and to raise the bar at every level as a customer service provider. RDM will set clear goals and objectives, while inspiring and empowering our dedicated team to achieve same.

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