Before making your reservations for any of the services provided by Regional Destination (RDM) and before paying for your reservation by credit card, please read the following General Provisions and Terms to Access the Web-Reservations, as they will be regarded as binding from the moment you enter the Web-Reservations application. The General Provisions and Terms to Access the Web-Reservations apply without exception to all Web-Reservations pages. During each visit to our web page and each transaction conducted through the page it will be assumed that you are familiar with the entire content of the general terms and that you have agreed to these terms without restrictions. If you do not agree with the terms, please do not make a Web-Reservation for our services. By clicking and thus agreeing to the General Provisions and Terms to Access the Web-Reservations, you confirm that you have read and understood them and accept them as a responsible person.

Regional Destination (RDM) commits itself to operating the Web-Reservations in accordance with all legislation in force in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and especially with the Law on Electronic Business and Electronic Signatures, the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Code of Obligations. All the optional provisions of the legislation in force in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas shall be expressly and without limitations interpreted to the benefit of Regional Destination (RDM), except in the cases expressly defined in these general business terms or any other documents drawn up by Regional Destination (RDM), which are in compliance with these general terms in written form.

Regional Destination (RDM) with its excellent business conduct always does its best to assure that all information published on its website to access the Web-Reservations is correct. However, Regional Destination (RDM) reserves the right to change the text, visual or audio material on the web site without prior notice. The changes will be valid from the moment of their publishing. Regional Destination (RDM) shall also not be held responsible either for the correctness and completeness of the data on the website, or for the correctness and completeness of the text, visual or audio material.

All electronic communication between the guests and Regional Destination (RDM) shall be regarded as written communication.

Access to the reservations section is available every day, round the clock. But due to problems of a technical or other nature, sometimes the reservations function or the website itself may not be accessible. This is why Regional Destination (RDM) reserves the right to limit or stop completely for a definite or indefinite time access to the reservations conducted through the website, or to otherwise limit or stop the reservations operation through the website.

The Regional Destination (RDM) website contains no viruses or programs that will negatively affect your computer. However, the company does not assume the responsibility for any damage to your hard- or software whilst visiting our website.

Any disputes between the parties, due or in any way related to the Web-Reservation shall be settled by common consent; otherwise the parties agree that the dispute shall be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction, which is in Nassau, Bahamas and Bahamians laws shall apply.

Regional Destination (RDM) shall not be held responsible for the loss of means caused by a change, removal or prevented access to the electronic services.

Our web host, Web.com and the payment processors we use are not a party in the agreement between Regional Destination (RDM) as provider of our services, and the buyer (guest).

Regional Destination (RDM) has the right to suspend its service for a maximum of 8 hours in any month of the year due to a planned shutdown for the purpose of regular maintenance.


All software used on this website is a copyrighted product and protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act, as well as by the provisions of international copyright agreements. Anyone who violates the copyright or pirates information is criminally liable and will be subject to penalties.

In case of doubt, any use of the website in which a client uses the site with the sole purpose of acquiring information and making Web-Reservations for his/her private use shall be regarded as private.

Regional Destination does not allow any other use of the website or change to the content and format, unless accompanied with prior written authorization by Regional Destination (RDM). Regional Destination also prohibits any other use of the website not envisaged in the concept of private use.


Making a web reservation is simple! Click the words “Make Reservation and fill in the fields. The program will notify you of any missing or incorrect data, which you need to specify in order to complete the reservation.
You will receive a confirmation of your advance payment via e-mail immediately after submitting the reservation. The confirmation will feature the date of your arrival and departure, the number of persons, the total price, the discount and the amount of pre-payment. Your reservation will be stored in Regional Destination (RDM)’s database.

The payment of a reservation is a single amount paid by the guest via credit card/payment processor upon making a reservation for services through the website.

The payment of the reservation shall be subtracted from the final sum on the bill for the services utilized.

Should the data indicated by the customer upon making a reservation result as incorrect (date, type of service booked), the customer is liable for all expenses and other consequences of incorrect data supply.

The reservation is transferable to other family members with prior notice via e-mail to Regional Destination (RDM).

By accepting these general terms you agree to charge your credit card for the payment of reservations upon submitting the reservation request.

All prices are in United States dollars and include local taxes. The guest may decide to tip the service provider at his/her discretion.


Cancellations of reservations shall be submitted by e-mail to Regional Destination (RDM) (30) days before the date of arrival at the latest. In this case the payment for the reservation shall be fully returned.

If the reservation is not cancelled within the above-mentioned time limit the payment for the reservation will not be returned.



Visa, Mastercard and Amex are the primary cards accepted. Other cards may be accepted for a specific transportation service. If so, their logo would be displayed on the payment page.

Regional Destination (RDM) reserves the right to modify partially or entirely any type of payment or the terms of payment without special notice. The buyer is nonetheless informed, before making the actual payment for the transportation service by Web-Reservation, about the types and terms of payment and by making the Web-Reservation expressly agrees to them.

Problems that might incur when you pay by credit card:

Possible reasons:

The payer’s address, which you have indicated on the order, does not match the address on the card used for payment. Please check if the addresses match. The payout will otherwise be rejected in the process verification in accordance with measures designed to prevent abuse. This kind of protection secures the card owner against abuse should the card be stolen or lost.

The card number is wrong. Please check the number and if you re-enter the number do not use hyphens, dashes or interspaces between numbers.

The card’s expiration date is wrong. It must match the date on the order.

The payment card has expired. Please check if the date indicated on the card has passed.

The payment card has been canceled or reported as stolen. Please check with the bank that issued the card to see if your account is still valid.

You have overdrawn your account or might overdraw it with this payment. Please check with the bank that issued the card to ascertain the balance of your account. If you have recently done a lot of shopping by credit card or have been planning a journey and thus made reservations, your bank has probably limited your payouts due to other payouts, which are in progress.

If the data you entered was correct and the balance of your credit card account is within pre-established limits, but you are still receiving notices that your payout has been rejected, there might be some problems with the bank’s system for payout confirmation, which temporarily interferes with the transactions. Please try again later.


Guests should report irregularities and/or deficiencies immediately to the responsible representative of Regional Destination (RDM). If the claim is of such a nature that it might have been settled on the spot (e.g. incomplete service from a transportation provider, etc.), but the guest did not make a complaint on the spot, and did not report the irregularities to the above-mentioned persons, it shall be assumed that the guest had accepted the poor service and thus loses the right to make complaints later involving demands to reduce the service price or obtain a refund.

Guests can file a written claim within two months from the day when the service was carried out inadequately. If the statutory time-limit to file a claim has expired, Regional Destination (RDM) will refuse to deal with the complaint.

Regional Destination (RDM) does not deal with claims for price reductions, claims for damages from transportation providers or other claims without a written complaint. Guests must send a written claim to the transportation service provider. The claim must be signed and can be filed in person or by an authorized third party. The authorization must be enclosed in the claim; otherwise Regional Destination (RDM) will not deal with the claim. The claim has to be well-founded. Guests shall therefore enclose proper evidence and/or a proper confirmation about the actual situation from the Transportation Service Provider Manager or another person in charge. This confirmation will then serve as the basis to accept the claim.

The amount of the claim is in any case limited by the amount paid for the package. If through some fault of Regional Destination (RDM) the program has not been carried out or some of the services have not been provided, guests are eligible for compensation in the amount of the real value of the non-provided services. This provision does not apply if Regional Destination (RDM) had the right to cancel the package or change the program in accordance with the provisions of these general terms and with the law.


The sole purpose of the website is to respond to customer enquiries regarding available transportation services and to facilitate reservations for Regional Destination (RDM) services. Users guarantee that they are 18 years or older and that they will use this website according to all the listed provisions. If other persons, including those not of age (less than 18) who live in your household, use your account, it will be assumed that you agree to them using your account and accept the financial responsibility for the use this website. You also guarantee that all the information provided through the use of this website, either by you personally or by other members of your household, are true and exact. Making speculative, false or fraudulent reservations is forbidden. You agree that the reservation service available on this website is used exclusively for making valid reservations for you or another person if you have proper authorization. You declare to be aware that any abuse of the services provided on this website is punishable by denying access to these services. You also guarantee that in case of a reservation for more than one person, these persons are informed about it and financially responsible.

You agree to observe the General Provisions and Terms to Access the Web-Reservations as defined by Regional Destination (RDM), as well as the payment of due amounts upon due date, and the rules and limitations put by Regional Destination (RDM) in regard to the availability of services. You are aware that in case of a violation of the general provisions the personnel of the transportation service may cancel the reservation(s), deny the right to amounts already paid for the reservation(s), and that Regional Destination (RDM) may charge you for expenses incurred by the company due to such violations.


Regional Destination (RDM) commits itself to effecting Bahamas transportation-related reservations through the website in accordance with the legislation in force within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and especially the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Regional Destination (RDM) commits itself to not divulging the acquired data to non-authorized persons and to limiting the use of this data exclusively to authorized persons from the Regional Destination (RDM) company and possibly other authorized persons responsible for carrying out operations on behalf of Regional Destination (RDM) regarding the Web-Reservations. These persons will use the data exclusively for the purpose and within the framework for which they were commissioned, except in the case that a rightful claimant requests the data on the basis of statute.

Regional Destination (RDM) ensures that all the attained information will be dealt with according to the highest security standards and that all operations regarding Web-Reservations will be in accordance with statutory provisions.

It will be assumed that guests, when confirming their reservation, authorize Regional Destination (RDM) to use their e-mail address to confirm the reservation.

Data storage:
Regional Destination (RDM) will store the data regarding Web-Reservations made through the computer system and in electronic form in the website, whilst the application is running.


On this website you can find hyperlinks to the websites administered by third parties, and not Regional Destination (RDM). These hyperlinks are there for your information only. Regional Destination (RDM) does not control the herein mentioned websites and is not responsible for their contents or your use of these websites. Although Regional Destination (RDM) has incorporated hyperlinks in its website, this does not mean that the company approves the contents of these sites or that they are in any way related to their administrators.

Regional Destination (RDM) does not assume the responsibility for any kind of damage to your hard- or software due to visiting the websites of third parties.

While Regional Destination (RDM) periodically checks the links on its website to ensure that they are functional, it does not investigate the contents of other websites and is therefore not responsible for their content. The conditions for using these websites include your guarantee not to use these websites for illegal purposes or purposes prohibited by these conditions.