What currency do we accept?

Bahamian and US dollars are accepted. The two currencies are on par so you will end up having a mix of both currencies the longer you stay in The Bahamas. Some sector persons even take Canadian dollars and Eros with exchange rate considerations.

Why is the water in The Bahamas so blue and clear?

Unlike many places in the world that have volcanic and granite rock lining their sea beds, the islands of The Bahamas were formed from limestone and sandstone rocks which has in part resulted in clearer water. Fewer pollutants and dark pigmented sea organisms also make the water more transparent. There are said to be 19 shades of blue in Bahamian waters and no other place in the world has water so clear.

 What is the population of The Bahamas?

As of 2010, The Bahamas’ population was at 353,658 with 70 percent of the populace (248,948) living on New Providence Island where the city of Nassau is located. Grand Bahama is the second most populated island with 51,756 people as of 2010. Islands in the southeastern part of the country are the most sparsely populated – some having only a few hundred people.

 What are the main industries in The Bahamas?

Tourism is the country’s main industry followed by banking. About 50% of all jobs in the country are directly related to either tourism or banking. A major hotel on Paradise Island, the Atlantis resort, employs over 6,000 people, making it the largest employer in the country outside of government.

Why do we have cars with the steering wheel on left and right?

Because we drive on the left, the roads are better suited for such vehicles. These are imported mostly from Japan. However, because we are so close to the United States it is cheaper to import cars from America. This has resulted in both left and right-hand drive vehicles on our roads. As such, many drive-thru services build their facilities to accommodate both left and right-hand drive vehicles. There more left-hand drive than right-hand vehicles though.

What is the drinking and gambling age?

The drinking and gambling age is 18. Bahamians however, are not allowed gamble in the casinos.